To our valuable customers, our amazing staff, and partners:

Over the years, we have been preparing for all different kinds of unforeseen events that might cause a disruption to our customer service. As you are well aware, we are in the beginning of a Pandemic, Coronavirus Covid-19. Out of an abundance of caution, to protect our staff and be good corporate citizens, ALL Clarion staff will be working remotely beginning 3-16-2020, until further notice.

To report a claim, make a payment or change your policy visit, or, email All website, email and phone calls will be responded to as soon as possible, in the order in which they are received.

Be safe,

Clarion Associates, Inc.

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What are people saying?

  • Great coverage, great price, nice people, great service. What else can I say?
    - Joel
  • Great company to work with. I have such Peace of Mind knowing my instrument was covered while I was travelling. Personal attention was excellent from the folks at Clarion!
    - Beverly G
  • I can’t say enough good things about Clarion insurance and their staff. As a touring musician I have found myself in a jam more than once and they have always taken the best care of me. Not only did the solve the immediate problem but they Made sure I was set up for the future. If you’re thinking about getting insurance on your gear, don’t hesitate to call Clarion. They’re the best.
    - Bruce L
  • Just wanted to thank your company for continuing to address customer needs. I had a problem printing a form that I needed to file and Jennifer was able to contact someone that was still working onsite vs from home and have the form mailed to me. Best wishes and prayers for everyone that you remain healthy.
    - Karen
  • Clarion is definitely a musician oriented insurance company that provides complete coverage for vintage and new instruments. The staff are competent, friendly, and efficient in interacting with their clients.They treat each client with the upmost respect and importance. I feel safe with Clarion.
    - Patrick
  • My husband and I have insured our fine string instruments and bows for many years. We have always appreciated the terrific service we have gotten at Clarion. We've had a couple of claims over the years and they were handled quickly and easily.
    - Roberta C.
  • I echo many comments here. Good, fast and courteous service. Good rates and they cover everything! Even all the little pieces that, alone, wouldn't qualify for coverage but when they are added up, they could be the life blood of a system. I like their mantra, covering everything, anywhere, anytime. Gives some peace of mind. I've made no claims and hope that never happens but I think they've got my back.
    - Bill
  • I have been happily insured with Clarion since the late 1980's and have had 2 stolen saxophones with mouthpieces covered as well as an accident that required expensive repair. All the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful and I highly recommend the company to my colleagues whenever possible.
    - Andy Middleton
  • Very nice, prompt and courteous service. Great prices, great reputation. Haven't file any claims yet, but let's hope I'll never have to. Happy to have my peace of mind.
    - Sergey G
  • I am always grateful for the prompt and efficient service...the day I need to make a change on my policy - everything is taken care of within the hour. Thank you!
    - Judith
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