In the event of a forecasted weather event, Clarion may have an early closure and/or a delayed opening for the safety of our office staff. Customer requests and calls will be answered in as timely a fashion as possible. Please utilize our website for making payments and to submit changes to your policy.

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What are people saying?

  • Clarion provides excellent insurance for expensive and valuable musical instruments at a very reasonable cost. They are easy to deal with and have great customer service.
    - Amadeus Conservatory of Music
  • I have never had to submit a claim but it is nice knowing that my music equipment is insured. The staff is always friendly and helpful. And very fast to responded to questions!! Thanks Kristina!
    - John
  • I have had my family of woodwind instruments insured by Clarion since I came to New York City in 1978. They have been consistently curteous, professional, and supportive. I highly recommend them to any musican looking for insurance and a sense of security.
    - Marty Ehrlich
  • The folks at Clarion are great - it's very easy to set up and maintain coverage for my instruments. It takes a huge load off my mind to know that my beloved (and expensive) instruments are covered! Thanks, Clarion!
    - wando03070
  • Clarion is awesome. I was surprised at the initial quote for covering all of my instruments and sound gear--lower than I expected. I'm now going on 3 years with Clarion. Whenever I make a change to my instrument list (I buy and sell often), Clarion makes the changes to my policy very quickly--sometimes within minutes!
    - Jim
  • I'm grateful for your prompt, helpful responses to questions about my policy, and for the pleasant way in which phone and email interactions are conducted.
    - Marcia
  • Best money I ever spent. It took less than 5 minutes to get my son's new (and valuable) cello insured. Don't even bother with homeowner's insurance as it doesn't cover much compared to Clarion. Quick response to my calls and great service. Happy to be a member of the family!
    - Michele
  • My husband and I have insured our instruments with Clarion for decades, and have always appreciated their prompt and courteous service. I highly recommend them.
    - Vicky
  • Clarion ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!! Always friendly and exceptionally helpful. Shout out to Sharmel Clarke, who goes above and beyond to make sure all our needs are taken care of.
    - San Antonio Symphony
  • Have been with Clarion since 90s and have only experienced a professional response all round. Had a few small claims and one large one with prompt response and pleasant interactions! Hooray!
    - Monroe Mueller
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