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What are people saying?

  • I usually hate calling customer service for any business. However, so far I have found every call to Clarion to be a pleasant easy experience. I love that it is easy to be connected to an actual person, and so far that person is always pleasant, knowledgeable, and able to handle whatever has led to me calling. Thank you for having such good staffing. It really increases a consumer’s confidence in a business.
    - Margaret
  • Clarion's customer service is excellent. Although I have never had to file a claim, all of my requests for address change, valuation updates etc. have always been handled efficiently and courteously.
    - Peter
  • Sharmel has been great to work with! She's very helpful, clear with explanations, and responds promptly to emails and phone messages.
    - Susan Peterson
  • Sharmel is a true gem, always responsive, and helpful. We are in good hands with Clarion.
    - Jim Neglia
  • Clarion has been excellent to deal with and provides me with peace of mind while traveling for gigs.
    - Harry L
  • Many thanks for your kindness and courtesy. It's very much appreciated.
    - Marc B
  • Thanks for the VERY prompt, courteous and helpful service in making a change to my policy!
    - J Romanishin
  • I appreciate your prompt help to me when I needed to add an instrument to my policy, at the time of my annual premium payment. I came into a nice concert grand, tucked into my home. Lauren and others were, "right on it." I am glad to have that peace of mind. I will need to upvalue my coverage of the instrument, once it gets an official appraisal. I find it's like taking care of my pets. THANK YOU, and best wishes.
    - Marcia Merry
  • Insuring my instruments with Clarion has been an easy process and their associates are always helpful. Thank you!
    - Emily H
  • I've used Clarion Insurance for many years for all my instruments. With our daughter's graduation from university, many of the instruments needed to be transferred to her under a new account in her name. Sharmel Clarke was excellent in helping us manage the process easily and effectively. All the changes were accurately made the first time. We continue to be pleased with the Clarion product and service. Thank you!
    - Natalie M
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