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What are people saying?

  • I've had insurance through Clarion for a few years and they are so easy to work with. Luckily, I haven't had to make a claim but transferring my policy when I got a new instrument was the easiest process. They are very quick to respond which is great.
    - Maddy T
  • The first week we insured our daughter's cello, she caught it on her pants, tripped and crunched the top -- a $3000 repair. Clarion didn't blink. What a fantastic introduction to a fantastic company. Ten years later, we're still as delighted as ever with their service. We have total confidence that they will keep our precious instruments safe.
    - Alison
  • Clarion is AMAZING! They are fast, efficient, and the Customer Service is WOW!!!! I have three instruments insured with Clarion, and I couldn't feel more protected and secure!
    - Berjong
  • Thankfully I have not needed insurance for some time, but when I did (my violin was seriously damaged), Clarion was right there, fast, efficient, and responsive. The ease of repair and reimbursement was a vast relief to me and my violin!
    - Mary White
  • I have enjoyed working with Clarion Associates. They provide excellent customer service.
    - R M
  • Clarion is just the best, plain and simple. They are extremely transparent, easy to communicate with, kind, understanding, and it's obvious they really care about the musicians they serve. I couldn't give a higher recommendation.
    - Jakob
  • Clarion provides the greatest service; and, is absolutely one of the very best companies with which I have dealt.
    - cdf
  • Great service, even under the constrictions of COVID. Unlike the carrier for my homeowner's insurance, they understand musicians and their business and were much more reasonably priced. i I recommend Clarion to all my friends and associates when the subject of insurance comes up.
    - D Hawkes
  • I was surprised when I received my first quote--much more affordable coverage than I expected! I have sold and purchased many instruments and sound gear since I have been with Clarion, and each time I make a change to my policy schedule,it is taken care of immediately, if not within a couple of hours, always by the next morning. Payments are easily made by a number of ways. Quick, easy, affordable!
    - Jimbo
  • My relationship with Dan Schoenfeld goes back into the eighties when I was Chairman of Chamber Music America, and we made a deal for instrument insurance coverage on behalf of all of our members, myself included. Over the years, I've had many different people handle my account, always with great insight, efficiency, and a caring attitude. Currently, Sharmel Clarke, has been has been handling our account and she has always been helpful, efficient and I've always felt that Clarion representatives try to solve its client's problems rather than those of the actual companies writing the insure policies. Richard J. Bogomolny
    - Richard
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